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Shan&Son Machinery Trade Co., Ltd

Chapter 1 Abstract

Since 1989 people started to build up their own websites and upload information through Internet. Until now the technologies of web and Internet are developing in a rapid way. And it also affects the way people do business. People need to do business in a more efficient way to save more money and time. Website provides business man a platform which allows people to upload information as more as they can. And Internet is like a bridge to connect you and your clients together.

Therefore I was thinking to build a website for a trading company. The goal is to enlarge the business and easier to manage. With the help of Web platform, people are connected with each other so people with the same interest would click my website and then they maybe become our clients.

Chapter 2 Artists Statement is a website mainly introduce Shan@son machinery  trading company. (some information about company and products)

Shan&Son Machinery Trade Co., Ltd. is a company focus working on exporting products abroad. And now it has a global marketing network and distribute products to East Europe, West Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia, Africa, as well as South America. Working on global business for a long time, it has abundant experience of distributing Woodworking Machine, Shoe Making Machine, electric Power Tool, Measuring & Cutting Tool.

This website would help this company to make connecting with potential customers and some loyal clients. The customers would find all the machines they interest and including the detail information about that machine. Our customers can open an account and what they need is to create their Email address as account name and a password. With this key customers can login in their own account to view and track their orders. And people also can leave their feedbacks for us.

Logo design

Home page design

Contact us layer

Product layer

There are Four parts of Home Page.

First part- Navigation

There are “Home”; “About us”; “Partners”; “Product”; “Feedback”; “Contact Us” six options to maintain my website. Besides people can also select Facebook and Twitter to join us. Customer login will also be added in it. I will use CSS and Database for this part.

Second part-Content

This part was divided into two units, one for products including Wood-working Machine; Shoe Making Machine; Electric Power Tool; Measuring & Cutting Tool. People can click different products they interest. After click, it will jump to a new page, user can get more products information about the  type they have chosen. For example, if user want to know some information about wood-working Machine, they click it, the new page will come up. And in the wood-working machine, there are more products including different manufacturers, products and their features.

The other unit is about partners, people can choose it to know some information about our partners.

The Flash action script will be used in this part.

Third part-News

In the News part, users can know some latest news about trading business of the world. I will put a Search engine in this part, it is convenient for users to find the product model directly.

Html and database will used in this part.

Fourth part-Site Map

In the site map area, user can see all the links about the website. It is helpful  to direct users to the destination. Users will never loose the way in this website.

Chapter 3 Marketing (social media platform is a free & efficient way for business promotion)

Business Objective- powerful platforms for businesses to promote brand awareness, special product offers, and increase email opt-ins.

Social media are media for social interaction. Its platform is using web-based technologies to publish information.  Compare with industrial media platforms social media platform is still a developing area. But from internet was brought to our life until now, social media platform has become one of the most important media platform. A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction.

I will choose Facebook and Twitter as my main two social platforms. Facebook is the largest of the social networks until July 2010 there are more than 500 million active users. For Twitter there are over 44 million users are in the US and it has become the fastest growing social network. People also can join with us thru Facebook and Twitter. Form this way I think we can better promote our website. The first key to be a successful business man is never lose your customer.

Key Stats

Audience Statistics on Facebook:

138 million users in the US; 59 million users are Male; 76 million users are Female; ages 18-34 is the primary age group; users who interested in machinery industry are 13 million.

Audience Statistics on Twitter:

44 million users are in the US; 20million users are Male; 24 million users are Female; ages 18-34 is the primary age group; users who interested machinery industry are 5 million. Over 55 million tweets per day. New users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day.

Social Networks

Facebook is the largest of the social networks; most multimedia-friendly of the big three networks as members can post text, pictures, audio, and video, and share their physical location.

Twitter fastest growing social network; real-time information network. Often referred to as a micro-blogging, Twitter limits updates to 140 characters. For businesses, Twitter is one of the quickest ways to get a message out to people who may be interested in your activities, ideas, products, services, or events.

Pros & Cons

Facebook Pros:

Enhanced features- find people, make connections, email, IM, image/video sharing, etc.

3rd party applications for advertising.

Greater emphasis on deep connections- some report they use Facebook instead of email.

Targeting ability for display ads.

Facebook Cons:

Must “Like” for fan pages (businesses); must confirm “friend” for personal pages to see content.

Numerous applications and features could clutter message.

More difficult to navigate and update.

Twitter Pros:

Basic features- pure communication tool, find people, make connections, send messages, direct replies.

Easier to navigate and update, link to and promote anything.

Rapid responsiveness.

Cost advantageous vs. Facebook.

More people can be exposed to your message without any formal confirmation or even logging.

Twitter Cons:

Limited to 140 character for each tweet.

Limited functionality, no email,  no instant messaging, one single image, no video.

Easily abused for spam.

Relatively smaller user base.

No targeting ability; no display ads.


Summary- Facebook allows you to bid on your display ads two different ways. Both of them have positives, and negatives.

CPC- Cost Per Click

Positive: You will never pay more than your specified CPC bid.

Negative: You must maintain a high click through rate for your ads to keep being displayed.

CPM- Cost Per 1,000 Impressions

Positive: If your ad has a very high click through rate, your cost per click will be much lower than if you were to bid CPC.

Negative: If your ad has a very low click through rate, your cost per click can become higher than if you were to bid CPC.

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