Our education is on the way of changing.

21 Mar

Our education is on the way of changing.

IMA 505, Paper Two

Quan Yuan


In the long history of Education, we were proud what we have done. People change their life through learning. We followed our teachers to learn in the class, we tried our best to finish the homework and different tests. And then besides those aspects, performance of class assignments, formative assessments and class participation along with standardized tests should be measurements of how students’ success. During the long time after we were born, we followed this educational rule rigorously, as a matter of fact we are one of the chess piece in the educational system. Since computer technology has been developed and Internet has rapidly brought into our daily life. It also brings a dramatically change to Education area. Today’s mobile technology enable helps people to have nearly 24-hour media access. According to new research from the Kaiser Family Foundation, many students are spending close to eight hours per day using entertainment media. Interactive multimedia devices and advanced network system are quickly becoming essential tools for helping teachers engage their students’ interest and make learning more interactive. The change of Education is inevitable, I think it is time to use technology to reread the rule of education. And also some people doubt that the school will be killed in the future. In my opinion no matter what will happen, the truth is old ideas would always be replaced by the new ideas, let’s face it.

Brick-and-mortar model of Education

“Teachers are willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed, but they need tools, time, trust, and support to do their jobs well.” In traditional way of education, students are over-reliable on teachers and textbooks. So Classroom, Textbook and Teacher became the main impression of the education for most people. In fact more and more people began to doubt the brick-and-mortar model of education, Sir Ken Robinson was one of them and he made a speech of “Do schools kill creativity?”

We followed this rule for a long time, students were more likely the chess pieces. The apparent value of a college degree force most people to get it after they got a high school diploma. And we all had the same experience that have to face the dramatically change of tuition and fees when we are on the way to seek a college degree. Students’ goal was easy to be understood but as a matter of fact it has been estimated that, in 2007 most people who had college degrees were not in jobs that required them. We have to doubt the old idea of education whether people should trust it? As far as I am concerned, in fact we are still stand at the edge of old model of education but the difference is we only need one step to stride across it. As times change, needs shift and students evolve, it’s important for schools to adopt appropriate innovations.

Today’s students have grown up using computers and technology in almost every aspect of their lives

The game between Paperback and e-Book(

Since paper had been invented it is always our main medium to record information. We found a way to learn, and we have kept it for a long time. As a student I have dealings with physical books all the time, and I have to face some problems that they bring to me and our world- High price, damaging environment and inconvenient for life. Publishers print too many books, many of which then get destroyed. As I know few books are currently published on recycled paper, and the inks are usually far from natural. After Kindle was invented, the situation is changing. We can instantly buy most any book you want for about $9.99 and it holds around 200 books at a time. People can store the books on the Amazon site if people don’t need them. It weighs less than a regular paperback. We don’t worry about travel a lot to pick up the books form library or book store. Just select them and they are near instantly delivered to you. As a matter of fact there is a lot of upfront cost to the environment but the paper book industry isn’t exactly particularly clean either. In an game of e-Book and paper book, we do not have many subjective views to eager to which exports will win. We just choose a better way for our education.

“The Shortest Distance Between You and Your College Degree.”

Today students can attend class anywhere in the world without leaving their home. Until now there are many different virtual school instructional and enrollment models. Instructional models range from fully independent self paced courses to semester based, teacher facilitated courses. Class range widely with anywhere from 25 students to as many as 200 students in each class section. Students keep in contact with their teachers and collaborate with other students through web communication tools. Virtual schools seem to be the logical extension of online education and student WebQuests.

These two videos are ads about Kaplan University. Our higher education system is on the way to innovate because people’s thought are changing, student’s needs are ranging and technology is improving. For students to get a degree on line has a lot of advantages. In my opinion, we don’t need to travel a long distance to a university especially for those international students. In addition tuition fees are dramatically changed over last decades. In contrast, education on line is much cheaper. Below that is a form about tuition and fee of StraighterLine.

What will happen of our education in future?

The latest education technology survey from the nonprofit group Project Tomorrow identifies the emergence of a new term-“free agent learners” which means “students who increasingly take learning into their own hands and use technology to create personalized learning experiences.”

For students in the future, classroom, teacher and textbook will no longer be the exclusive monopoly on knowledge, content and even the education process. Therefore, the truth is that students will use a wide range of resources including more electronic tools and applications to create a personalized learning experience. Let’s keep thinking, students can use digital resources to take tests online, play educational games, attend a seminar with students all over the world. Students will learning everywhere at any time they want. People can make a schedule with the studying partners to share opinion and collaborate with each other. There is no classroom anymore because it is everywhere what students should do is they should make an appointment to chat with their mentors when they are available on line. In my opinion this will make a dramatically decrease of tuition and fee. So that means more and more people will change their life via getting a degree. Nowadays, we are living in the times that technologies involve much faster than we can imagine. So keep eyes on and be well prepared to enter the education in future.


When talking about the innovation of the education, different people have different opinions. With the help of the modern technology, students can learn online instead of study in classroom. From students’ point of view, online courses require good time-management skills. An Internet-based course demands that you develop personal time-management skills. If not you will find yourself can not over a seeming insurmountable mountain of course work. Secondly online courses may create a sense of isolation. In the development of today’s technology, we have to admit that the academic atmosphere of online course would not reach the same standard of what in classroom. There is no whispering in the back of the room, no commanding presence at the front of the classroom pleading for everyone to listen. The online environment is a much different atmosphere that takes some getting used to. Nowadays, in contrast with classroom course, online course has not been accepted by most learners. The first important reason I think is the difference levels of the both academic degrees that students get from traditional class and online class. So there is a long way for online course become much popular and I trust there will be one day online course will predominate in the educational system.

“Our nation’s students already have a plan in mind for how to effectively leverage technology to drive student achievement and ensure that all students are well-prepared for the future, and they are, in fact, with or without the rest of us … executing a 21st-century education.”

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