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From Windows1.01 to Winsows7 and it will be still moving on.

From Windows1.01 to Winsows7 and it will be still moving on.

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Quan Yuan


Windows is a series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces(GUIs) produced by Microsoft. The Windows is young but what has it be done is far beyond what we expect. Let’s date back to November 1985 when the first Windows version was released. It was built on top of MS-DOS, it could only tile its windows; it didn’t overlap. At that time it hadn’t yet attracted much attention. And in the same month of 1987 Windows 2.0 was released. But because of limitation about hardware and DOS operating system, both of early versions didn’t success. After that Microsoft improve GUIs and RAM administer of Windows, made the GUIs much better and meanwhile added virtual memory function. I think that is the reason why Windows 3.0 made a great success. From Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 until Windows 7, this system has the most obvious feature- “desktop”. It has made a great improvement of human-computer communication interface. So more and more people can use this system with holding a few computer knowledge. And now we have the newest Windows version that is Windows 7 was released October 22nd, 2009.

The previous versions of Windows

Windows 1.0

Let’s see a advertisement about Steve Ballmer sells Windows 1.0. Let it bring us back. In November 1985 Windows 1.0 was released, but because of most people choose to use GEM or Desqview/X as their GUIs. So the first version didn’t get enough attention. On the positive side, Windows 1.0 is the first attempt for Microsoft to use GUIs in to personal computer. And also MS-DOS was end after Windows 1.0’s appearance.

Windows 2.0

On December the 9th 1987 Windows 2.0 was released, and the graphical interfaces of this version use Mac OS in the same time for reference. But unfortunately it didn’t get more attention from the users. Windows 386 and Windows 286 were released after that.

Windows 3.0

It was released on May the 22nd 1990, because of great improvement in interface, humanized, memory management and so on. Finally it received users’ identification. After that in October 1991 Windows 3.0 multi-language version was in-market. It made a great effect for all the other countries to know windows. And this also made a solid foundation for Microsoft company further development.

Windows 3.1

On March the 18th 1992, Windows for Workgroups 3.1 was released, obviously Microsoft was ready to put their products to the enterprise. Besides there were basic multimedia and a CD audio player added in this version. And TrueType was very useful for the desktop publishing.

Windows NT 3.1(1993)

This version was developed by Microsoft and IBM, but two companies gave up cooperating at then end. So Microsoft named this version- Windows NT. This version was the first product for server market, so it was much more stability than desktop operating system.

Windows 3.2(1994)

This version was released in simplified Chinese only, and most Chinese users began to know Windows system from this version. Because of none of language problem and easy to learn, so it was popular soon in China.

Windows 95(1995.8)

The sensational event in 1995 was the news that Windows 95 was released. Microsoft Windows 95 made a sufficient preparation for their release including the commercial song of Rolling Stones “Start Me Up”. A lot of consumers even without computer were willing to wait in line to purchase this software, but the funny thing is they even had no ideas what the Windows 95 is. The result is quite well, Windows 95 was sold out by one million in short 4 days. So the success of Windows 95 made an important milestone in the development of software.

Windows NT 4.0(1996.8)

This version added some new features about management and it ran well. Until now some company still used it.

Windows 98(1998.6.25)

This new system was developed based on Windows 95, it improved standard hardware, for example MMX and AGP. Other features including FAT32, Multi-Head, web TV and Active Desktop. On June the 10th 1999 Windows 98 SE was released, provided Internet Explorer 5, windows Netmeeting 3, Internet Connectiong Sharing, DVD-ROM and USB Slot.

Windows 2000(2000.2.19)

When human came into the new century it was the time when Windows NT 5.0 was released. This system was named in Windows 2000 too. It included some new features like NTFS, EFS and improved the hardware. It made a big challenge to Unix in the server market. Finally Windows 2000 took away a large domain from IBM, HP, SUN companies. It has four editions they are Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Datacenter Server.

Windows ME(2000.9.14)

The most different thing is it delete DOS from the system and use System Restore instead of that. In theory, this is a great improvement because user wouldn’t need to know complicated DOS and can fix the system by themselves. But in fact, System Restore function brought some problems like debasing the performance, spending more HD spaces, and it was not effective to a few normal errors. Windows ME has two means, one is for commemorating 2000 the other means this version was designed for personal use.

Windows XP(2002.10.25)

Here is also an advertisement about Steve Ballmer.Microsoft company followed most users demand and try to combine into this operating system. The desktop system was much more steady than the former one. At first Microsoft launched two editions one is Windows XP Professional the other is Windows XP Home Edition. After that it launched another two, Media Center Edition and Tablet PC Edition.

Windows Server 2003(2003.4)

This version made a improvement in Active Directory, operation and administer, Disk Management those functions about server. There are four editions: Windows server 2003(Web Edition), Windows Server 2003(Standard Edition), Windows Server 2003(Enterprise Edition) and Windows Server 2003(Datacenter Edition). Web Edition was designed for web hosting and Datacenter Edition was the highpoint system for user. So the other two editions was designed between the previous two.

Windows Vista(2005.7.22)

This new version was another important operating system after Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It was added some new techniques and features. The special was its new GUIs and Windows Aero, and improved the Windows indexing service, besides added some new multimedia creative tools like Windows DVD Maker. Windows Vista was released after over 5 years when Windows XP was released. So it was the longest interval in a release in windows history.

Windows for your World-A billion ideas = 7

“I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea”

Windows 7 is the latest public release version of Microsoft Windows, it was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009, less than three years after the release of its predecessor. With the release of the windows7 operating system, Microsoft has appreciably improved its Volume activation technologies and tools. There are some activation technology has been improved and new added in Windows 7 including information on improved interfaces for greater usability and customization, easier, more flexible activation, reducing administration resources, improved integration and manageability of activation service, keys for more administrative control and improved performance and reduced memory footprint for greater efficiency. We have to admit that Microsoft is facing a big challenger Apple. When people nowadays talk about whether they are a PC or a Mac. In this time Windows 7 was released, and the truth is it draws lot of attentions besides it also has some negative evaluation. Whatever, in my opinion Windows 7 has improved a lot than its predecessor that is the reason why a lot user are still using it and would like to update their PC. Until now I think it is a little earlier to say whether it is success or not, time will prove that.

The Next Windows

After windows 7 released, we can’t help to think what’s the next version of Windows? With previous of Windows, Microsoft used a transition period when old and new versions of Windows were available to help corporate customers manage their transition to the new version of the operation system. “Windows 7 is a blockbuster. We got it really right. For me, windows 8 will be mind-blowing.” We’ve seen some integration of touch interface in Windows 7. It is not difficult to assume that more simple concept which the consumers get more comfortable with will be used in the next version, as more systems hit the marketplace. One unknown Microsoft insider said that it would be “completely different”, So we can imagine what’s the next we will be getting come 2012 or so. But there is one simple thing we are sure that as consumers they are going to want big changes.

Not impossible

We are on the way that everything changes fast. There are too many new products and fantastic technology came in to our lives. We are the witness. Operating systems have evolved in a rapid manner. As we can see in the operating systems it changes from command-line interface to the current graphical user interface, many common tasks became easier for the computer users. Simple way to use is always the theory that would not change. Nowadays we are still facing with difficulties when installing new hardware’s and some software’s because of technical issues. Those users who are not aware of technical issues when face problems. In several years we can expect this task to be simplified. As one of most important operating system company, Microsoft has done a lot of changes and it still keeps to do that, because there are a lot of challenges from inside to outside. There will a lot of changes that can be experienced in the future. These changes are aim to ease the life of different types of users around the world and for our simple life in our long-term interest. In my opinion we should be prepared for a new experience in the ever changing world.


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