Bar Chart Format

01 Dec


In this Bar Chart Format, there are horizontal axis and vertical axis. The first one include every week information. And the other axis include some information which are Interface Concepts Design, Flow Chart Design, Website logo design, Building website, Testing, GoLive. In the first week I will focus to design the interface concepts and at the same time I will design the flow chart. The first part will cost me 4week and I will spend 3hours per page but now I am not sure how many pages I will write. It is greater than 20pages but smaller than 36pages. So totally I will spend between 60hours and 108hours. In the second part I will spend 5 hours on that. In the next three week it is my website logo time. Totally 20 hours. Building website is a important process, there are three different time process.  Totally 6months, I separate it from three parts. The first part is 3months and 4hours per day so totally 336 days I will focus to work. In the second part of it, there are 8weeks and I will double the work hour so totally it will cost me 448hours. In the last part, the work hour will return to 4hours per day so that means I will spend one week about 112hours to finish it. The coming parts are Testing part and GoLive part.  Each of them will cost me one week and I will spend 4hours per day. In a nutshell both of them I will work 112hours separately. As a designer I think I will charge $45 per hour. So in that case, the totally I will charge is cheaper than$56385 but more expensive than than$54225. That will depend on how many pages I will write for Interface Concepts Design.

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