The technologies I will use.

18 Nov

The technologies I will use for my site are HTML; PHP; MySQL; Laszlo; Flash; After effect.

As we all know that HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation. HTML consists of short codes by site author and the codes is then saved as a html file, and then viewed through Internet Explorer. The browser will read the file and help me to translate the text in a visible form that I had intended. Writing my own HTML means using tags correctly to create your vision. So HTML is to my website what the foundation is to a skyscraper.

PHP files are quite similar with HTML files, but they can include both HTML and PHP. The main difference is that HTML is a tag language which means it is used to describe the public part of the site. So if I want to make a dynamic site, HTML is impossible to manage site content like pictures, text. PHP is script language of a higher level. It allows to create scripts that connect user requests to the data base. It is really helpful to me, if a user owns an account in my website which include some information in it. User makes an “log in” into the field, clicks “log in”(which starts the work of the script), then receive the information. In my website there will be a lot of images like photo and flash animation. So PHP is a helpful tool for my website to build the database of images.

The next very important tool I will use is MySQL which is a database management system. It runs as a server which providing user access to numerous databases. The reason I will use it is I will save my users data in it. Many web applications use MySQL as the database component even some high-traffic websites use it for data storage and logging of user data. For example Facebook, Google, YouTube.

In addition Laszlo is a good tool for me to use. It is an open source platform which work identically across all popular platforms and browsers(Windows, Mac Firsfox, Safari,etc) is a good example of Laszlo. LZPIX is an photo website that demonstrates how the same Laszlo source code can be identically deployed with Flash or DHTML. And this site using Laszlo has a scroll feature at the bottom which is different from traditional stock photos websites which you view the photos to scroll up and down. So I will use this way to show pictures to my user. is also use Laszlo to implement an easy interface for listening to user’s personalized music.

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