19 Oct

In recent years new media technology develops very fast, more and more consumers choose these techniques. On the other hand some traditional media ways like newspaper, broadcast and so on begin to be ignored by publics. And I want to know how they survival and get more chances to develop? I think I should start with both two aspects, one of the reasons is that traditional media way’s decline, the other is the development of new media. I will focus on how can both of them develop with each other.

As far as I am concerned I want write three parts of my thesis, they have connections with each other. The first part is development of new media area, I will collect some videos’ link and photos to strong it. The second part is how did the traditional media area develop in the past few years while were challenging with new medias. There will be added some quotative opinions in order to help me to improve its contents. The last part I want to expatiate on both of the media areas’ harmonious development, besides I will site some videos and referenced material to strong my opinion.

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