World is changing

06 Oct

We are in the high way of the digital era, people are exploring a lot of imaginative media which they are changing the world and most of them have been used in every part of our lives. No matter what is education, information, entertainment, promotion and fine arts. Something has breaked people’s old thinking. For example, in U.S. a new educational paradigm has been used and more and more popular, students use laptops and network to learn from teachers, now students of this new Generation they have a greater experience.


 And then, more and more movies and games are designed much more reality, some 3D techniques are used to make audiences and players a feeling as they were right on the scene.




Maybe in the soon future, we don’t need newspaper and textbook, eBook reader will replace them. Those publishers have think about their future how to survive in the digital era.

eBook reader

We have to admit that time has changed and I am very glad to live in this time. And now what I very interested in is how to promote them the new medias to the publics, to let the public know what and how something is changing our world.

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